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    Mosfets in synchronous rectification
    Goford semiconductor has launched a series of   Mosfet applied in the synchronous rectification.   Some parts have been tested and approved by the Xiaomi's manufacture supplier. 

    The votages range from 40--100V, with typicallly 40V, 55V, 60V, 80V and 100V, and the Rdson is as low as 3mr@4.5V.  These products are tailor design to meet the requirement for high efficienty and low working temporature and can pass the Grade 6 energy efficiency by working with the effective IC.

    With the launch of Xiaomi's RMB49 power strip bar, which contains 4 AC-DC socket and 2 USB charger, there have been a great deman for such products.   The more and more popularity of USB charging gadgets push the market.  Goford semiconductor mosfets have been tested and approved by the relevant manufactures which using the synchronous rectification design.

    And more advaced mosfet from Goford Semiconductor  will be coming into the market with lower Rdson and Qg to meet the market requirement.